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Traditional Spanish desserts

Everyone knows about the food of Spain, but generally people have heard about paella, tapas and Iberic ham, but if you ask them about the popular Spanish desserts, they can only mention churros.

The truth is that there are more delicious desserts in Spain than just churros.

Best authentic Spanish desserts


10. Rice pudding (Arroz Con Leche)


Arroz con leche is one of the most traditional and popular Spanish desserts.

Literally translated, arroz con leche means rice with milk, but it's actually a thick rice pudding that everyone makes a slightly different way.

It really is a simple dessert of just rice, milk, sugar and some spices, such as vanilla, cinnamon and lemon.

9. Turron


The first Spanish Christmas dessert of this list is turron. Spaniards eat many desserts during Christmas season and turron is one of their favourites.

There are many kinds of turron, but two of them are the common ones: Turron de Alicante (Hard) and Turron de Jijona (Soft). Both types are delicious.

An important ingredient for the turron is the almond, but don´t worry if you are allergic, because there are other turrones made with chocolate.

8. Catalan Cream


Another of the most typical Spanish desserts is the Catalan Cream. Just imagine how good it is, that although its origin is from Catalonia, now it´s popular not just in all Spain, but also in other countries.

To make “Crema Catalana” you will need milk, eggs, corn-starch, sugar, and cinnamon. The best of this dessert is mixing a crunchy caramelized base with the soft cream.

7. Santiago Cake

The “Tarta de Santiago” is also one of the best spanish dessert recipes. In this case, the Santiago cake is from Galicia (North of Spain). With its wonderfully moist almond and citrus flavours, this torte makes a perfect dessert or partner to an afternoon café con leche (milky coffee).

It´s true that originally, the Santiago Cake was the perfect dessert for those who have spent the whole day walking, but now every tourist try it, and Spaniards love it as well.

6. Torrijas


Spanish people have desserts for every festivity of the year. The “Torrijas” or also known as bread pudding are very typical during eastern time.

It is said that torrijas are one of the most traditional and classic Spanish desserts as they are cooked since the V century. It´s a must try!

5. Custard or Natillas


Another Spanish pudding, but in this case, we are talking about the Natillas, also known as Spanish custard.

The recipe for this traditional Spanish dessert is based on a cream elaborated with milk, egg yolks, sugar and of course the vanilla.

Eating natillas is very common in small villages and places nar the mountain, but you can really find it everywhere in Spain.

4. Bunuelos


Have you ever heard about the Spanish Buñuelos? They are a light and fluffy fried dough balls made with flour, milk, oil and sugar. These are typical during festive seasons and although they look tiny, you will be able to eat many of them (may not be so good for your diet)

Although the common ones are the Buñuelos de viento you can find them filled with cream or chocolate.

They are for sure not one of the most famous Spanish desserts, but in the Iberian Peninsula everyone loves it, so we advice you to at least try them!

3. Polvorones


One of the reasons why Spanish people get so happy during Christmas time is because they will be able to enjoy their polvorones. Christmas and the previous month are the only time of the year when you can find these Spanish cookies.

That´s the reason why we have prepared a recipe to learn how to make polvorones, because we just can´t deal with only one month of eating polvorones.

For the ones who still don´t know what these are, polvorones are a dusty dessert that will literally melt in your mouth as soon as you eat it. They are normally compared with mantecados, but they are different.

2. Flan


On second place of this spanish desserts list we are going to talk about flan. It´s famous not only for being a very common dessert.

No matter which restaurant you go in Spain, everyone has at least one type of flan in their menus. The flan is also typical in other countries, for example in almost every country of South America they cook it, but in a different way. It´s recipe is quite easy and in just one hour you will have a delicious pudding.

Eggs, vanilla, milk and sugar are the key to make this easy Spanish dessert recipe. Learn more about its recipe.

1. Churros


We had to finish our list of the typical desserts in Spain with the famous churros. I bet you all knew about them already, but for the ones who don´t, the Spanish churros are a yellow/brown fried dough served with sugar or cinnamon.

The churros are normally eaten for breakfast, but you can eat it as a snack or dessert as well. The best way to eat churros is with chocolate. We have prepared an article talking where we tell you the best recipe and everything else you need to know about this famous Spanish dessert.

Spanish desserts with chocolate:


There are not so many chocolate Spanish desserts, but instead what Spaniards like is to add a little bit of chocolate to normal desserts.

For example, churros are 90% of the times shared with a hot cup of chocolate. You can also find chocolate in the «Manolitos», which are a small croissant typical in Barcelona.

There are also two types of cake with chocolate that are very typical, the chocolate hazelnut pie and the chocolate and almond cake.

Traditional Spanish sweets & candy

It´s true that although the desserts of Spain are very good, they are not as sweet as in other countries.

For the ones who are looking for Spanish sweets, you should know that the best season to find them is in winter. Some of the best Spanish sweets and candies are the sweet olive tortas, the alfajores and the Spanish caramelized almonds

How are the fruits desserts?

Fruit desserts are the best, as they are not only sweet and delicious, but they are also healthy. Unfortunately, Spanish people don´t eat so many fruit desserts, but you can still find a few of them that are really good:

  • White Wine Pear Sangria
  • Grilled Apple
  • Spanish Macedonia
  • Membrillo with cheese

Christmas is the perfect time to try Spanish desserts

christmas-spanish desserts

Christmas Spanish desserts are the favorite for most of the Spanish people, and they are also the reason why everyone starts their diet purposes after new year.

Waiting the whole year for Christmas season is worth it when you think about all the desserts you are going to eat. There are many sweets and types of desserts to choose.

Some of the best Christmas spanish desserts are the roscon de reyes, polvorones, marzipan and turron.

Traditional Spanish pastries


The Spanish locals, as it happens in many places of Europe, eat pastries during the whole day, at breakfast, after lunch… but the most common time to eat the traditional Spanish pastries is in the afternoon as a snack accompanied with coffee.

When we talk about the pastries of Spain, we mean a small and not so heavy dessert. Some of the most famous and best Spanish pastries are the Miguelitos, the Ensaimadas of Mallorca or small palmeras de hojaldre.

Gluten free Spanish Desserts

As it happens everywhere in the world, sometimes for celiacs or people who follow a gluten free diet is hard to find sweets or desserts. Although it´s true that you may miss some special spanish desserts, there is also a huge variety of gluten free Spanish desserts.

Other than the typical Spanish desserts we have mention before, like arroz con leche, flan or crema catalana, there are more that not so many people know about like the Yemas de Santa Teresa

*Ask before eating it, as every cheff makes their dishes in a different way*

Vegetarian & Vegan Spanish Desserts

Vegetarian and Vegan people normally have issues to find their vegetarian or vegan Spanish desserts. Next we will tell you which really good Spanish desserts you will be able to try if you follow a vegan or vegetarian diet.

Vegetarian people won´t have many problems as most of the traditional Spanish desserts recipes are good for their diet. For example, you will be able to eat the Flan or the natillas. It´s true that you will miss the polvorones that generally are made with pork fat.

Another delicious vegan Spanish dessert is the vegan leche merengada.