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How to make Spanish croquettes? Recipe


The famous Spanish croquetas are known for being one of the best dishes in Spain, but also one of the hardest to cook. Today we are going to learn how to make Spanish croquettes …with a few tips to make it easier and faster!!

How to make Spanish croquettes?

In Spain it´s said that grandma´s croquettes are always the best. We are not sure if you will be able to learn to do them as good as “las croquetas de la abuela” but they will be tasty for sure!

Spanish Croquettes ingredients

Serves 6:

  • 200 g Ham/ chicken/ salmon or whatever you choose
  • 2-3 eggs
  • Oil (sunflower or olive, as you prefer)
  • Breadcrumbs
  • Flour
  • Bechamel sauce: 80g flour, 100g of butter, 1/2 tbsp nutmeg 1l milk & salt.

Recipe for Spanish croquettes

  1. The first step is to learn how to make bechamel:
    1. In a pan, place some oil or butter to medium heat.
    2. Add flour and stay stirring for 3-4 minutes, pour some template milk and keep stirring for 30 mins. (keep a low heat during this part)
    3. Add nutmeg, salt and small pieces of ham (or whatever ingredient you have chosen). Keep stirring (another 15 minutes)
    4. Once is done take the bechamel out and put it in another recipient. Let it cool for 10 minutes, cover it and put it in the fridge until its cold. (normally wait until the next day)
  2. Shape the bechamel and transform it into balls. Prepare three plates with beaten eggs, flour and breadcrumbs and pass the croquettes for each of the plates.
  3. On a big frying pan pour a big amount of oil to a strong heat and fried the croquettes all around.
  4. As soon as these are done, take them out, drain them and set them on a paper towel to absorb the oil.
  5. Serve the “fried balls” and enjoy your delicious Spanish croquettes.

More information and facts about croquettes

Once you have learned how to make Spanish croquettes, we are sure you would love to know some more information and facts about croquettes:

What is a croquette?


The croquettes or commonly known in Spain as croquetas are one of the most famous Spanish tapas. They may just look like fried balls, but the taste is delicious, and the main reason is its bechamel. Just so you know how good is, some people make bechamel and eat it without doing anything else with it. Although it takes a lot of time to make them, at the end it´s worth it, as there is nothing else better than some tasty traditional Spanish croquettes.

Spanish Croquet variations

There are many different types of croquettes in Spain. It doesn´t matter if you want to learn how to make ham croquettes, chicken croquettes or any other type, because the process is the same, you just need to change that ingredient. The most famous croquet variations in Spain are:

  • Spanish ham croquettes
  • Morcilla croquettes
  • Tuna croquettes
  • Spanish chorizo croquettes
  • Beef croquettes
  • Spanish bacalao croquettes

These are just some of the most famous ones…which is your favourite type of croquettes??

Vegetarian croquettes


Although the ham and chicken croquettes are very good, not everyone can eat it. If you are vegetarian there are some other good options for you.

The Spanish mushroom croquets are delicious, but the potato ones are the favourite for most vegetarian people. What is important is that no one misses the amazing croquettes from Spain.

Where are croquettes from?

Although most of the people probably think that croquettes are from Spain, the truth is that croquettes were born in France. Now you can actually find croquettes in most of the countries in the world and each one has a different way of making them.

History of Spanish croquettes

As we said before the origins of croquettes are in France. It was in 1898 when Auguste Escoffier first wrote the recipe of croquettes. The dish came out of a brilliant idea of taking advantage of the rests from the food that no one ate. They mixed the meat left over, the ham, and they added bechamel which was very popular at that time.

Other people say that the real origin of the croquettes comes from the Jewish cuisine.

Enjoy de authentic Spanish croquettes